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Medcom Trainex

For over 50 years, Medcom-Trainex has been a leading producer and distributor of healthcare education in a wide range of formats—from print materials and award-winning video programs, to our proprietary, internet-based learning management system developed with working healthcare professionals.

Our educational materials are produced for healthcare professionals, students entering the healthcare industry, patients, and health-conscious people everywhere. And, our courses are developed with the assistance of leading subject matter experts in a variety of healthcare specialties.

Utilizing a tightly-knit production staff with more than 25 years of experience working together to create healthcare education, Medcom is the largest producer/distributor of nursing education video programs in North America, and our programs have won over 50 major awards for excellence, including the prestigious Emmy award.

Based in Southern California, Medcom’s library contains more than 1,000 video, print, and online course titles that we’ve produced or distributed. And we continue to grow, making more titles available each year.