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HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher Training - Part 11 - Site Control (Spanish)

by UL Workplace Health & Safety
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This is Part 11 of a 13-part series of modules on HAZWOPER designed to provide the annual refresher training as required by OSHA for all employees affected by this regulation. Part 11 covers site control. If uncontrolled, a spill or release of hazardous waste could spread rapidly, leading to contamination on a large scale. For this reason, site control is required on a hazardous waste site. Site control helps limit the spread of contamination in the event of a spill or release of a hazardous substance and is a critical component of the HAZWOPER standard. The site control program is designed to reduce the spread of hazardous substances from contaminated areas to clean areas, to identify and isolate contaminated areas of the site, to facilitate emergency evacuation and medical care, to prevent unauthorized entry to the site, and to deter vandalism and theft. This module examines the elements of a site control program and how they can be implemented.

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