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Communication and its Significance (Refresher)

by My Security Training
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Communication and its Significance - 4 hours

Effective internal and external communication is critical to security guards and their organizations. Internal communication (Protocols Pursuant to Contract (Who to Contact & When), Radio / Monitors, Other Technology) and External Communication (Emergency / First Responders, Medical Personnel, Police / Sheriff / Other Enforcement, City Services / Government Services) will be addressed.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of effective internal and external communication
  • Understand the importance of understanding when, who and how to contact necessary people
  • Recognize the need for confidentiality of protocols and contact information
  • Know the basic information to collect in an emergency
  • Be able to make a direct and efficient call for assistance
  • Understand the common types of communication systems, including radios and monitors
  • Be able to effectively use common communication systems that you may encounter on the job