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Point-of-Sale for Employees

by Sciotran
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California law limits the personal information that can be collected at the point-of- sale when a customer pays by check or credit card. Numerous businesses operating in California have faced costly class action law suits stemming from infringements of this law. This course trains cashiers and other employees about California’s point- of-sales rules and exceptions to those rules. The training includes identifying the types of information that qualify as personal and defining the instances when a customer’s information can be recorded. Upon completion of the course, employees will validate their understanding of the point of sale rules through successful completion of a learning assessment and will generate a certificate that can be printed and maintained in HR files. When taken by new employees as part of onboarding and by existing employees as a refresher, the course can help ensure compliance with California’s point-of- sale law and serve as part of a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.

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