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Arrest, Search and Seizure (Refresher)

by My Security Training
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Arrest, Search and Seizure (832 pc Abbreviated) - 4 hours

Understanding the laws of arrest as they apply to private citizens is a critical area of training for security guards. Lessons in this course will cover topics such as appropriate use of force techniques, the impact of the US Constitution and Amendments on guard responsibilities, loss prevention strategies, differences between detention and arrest, and appropriate conduct for searches, including the application of Merchant Law.

Course Objectives:

  • Be provided with an understanding of California Penal Codes 836 and 837.
  • Be provided with an introduction to the legal system and its different aspects.
  • Learn what a warrant is, what its purpose is, and learn about the different types of warrants that can be utilized.
  • Gain an understanding of loss prevention and understand the roles and responsibilities of loss prevention agents and merchants.
  • Be given knowledge of the use of force and the use of force continuum.
  • Learn the importance of acting under legal authority and learn the consequences of failing to act with the proper authority.