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Preserving the Incident Scene

by My Security Training
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Preserving the Incident Scene

As a security officer, upon arriving at an incident scene, your primary responsibility is to secure the scene and guard it until law enforcement officers arrive. You are not required, nor are you legally authorized, to do anything else. Lessons in this course will deal with topics, such as processing a crime scene, collecting and preserving evidence, and interviewing witnesses, which are the responsibility of law enforcement officers. Topics like these will increase your knowledge and understanding of the incident scene and help you understand the process of law enforcement officers; you should not attempt to perform these activities at a crime scene unless asked to assist by law enforcement officers. Remember, you are only required to secure the scene and stand guard.

Course Objectives:

  • Be able to distinguish the relationship between criminal investigation and forensic science as it pertains to the preservation of the incident scene
  • Be able to understand the scope of crime scenes, including various classifications, and the importance of crime scene prevention
  • Be able to know your role as a security guard when responding to a crime scene
  • Be able to identify the steps involved in dealing with the processing of a crime
  • Be able to recognize how evidence tampering can lead to the destruction of evidence and influence the outcome of court and trial proceedings