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School Security Training (SB1626)

by My Security Training
24.00 Hrs
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This developed curriculum consists of a 24-hour school security guard training course. The standards of this online course (and its variety of sub-courses) include, but are not limited to, the role and responsibility of school security officers, relevant state and federal laws, school and personal liability issues, security awareness in the school environment, mediation and conflict resolution, disaster and emergency response, and student behavioral dynamics.


  1. Role and Responsibility of School Security Officer (4)
  2. Laws and Liability (8)
  3. Security Awareness in the Educational Environment (3)
  4. Mediation/Conflict Resolution (4)
  5. Disasters and Emergencies (1)
  6. Dynamics of Student Behavior (3)
  7. Examination (1)

Total Hours - 24